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 internetExperienced front-end web designer with competent back-end knowledge.

Currently working on: the next best thing since sliced bread

As far as I can see, the internet and all things internet has been an evolution wave I am very happy to be enjoying. I came upon a time of exponential progression in matters of available knowledge, and I am highly anticipating what is yet to come.

It certainly is fascinating to note the different options in communication the internet has afforded us, so that no matter where, nor when folk can always catch the dancing cat with floppy ears or join the next relevant revolution.

If you are looking to lead and get your message across to the other side, the internet is a most powerful tool. I have been using this tool for a very, very long time. Both from the user’s viewpoint as well as the creator/developer’s perspective.

I would be untruthful if I were to give out the number of websites that I have developed, helped developed, repaired, and modified throughout the length of my career. From images, to content (copy), user experience, scripting, writing, promoting, analyzing, developing… Internet, intranet, self-contained, public, dynamic, organic…

Today I find myself using WordPress more and more even though not too far in the past I had serious doubts about it, and remain intent on Joomla! as the Content Management System of choice. Now don’t get discouraged if you are having trouble with something that is internet related. I am absolutely 100% intent on making things work. So feel free to get in touch with me concerning your obstacles, I will be happy to be of assistance.