Pablo Illarramendi is teaching what he knows:
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Thank you for your interest in my credentials. Please allow me a brief introduction:

World traveled and internationally educated, I have been involved in the Washington D.C. area, south Florida community, and Latin-American (Argentina/Venezuela) culture for the past quarter century improving my skill-set alongside top talent in the visual arts and communications field.

I am the person that can help your organization visually communicate the message to your revenue source.

Formally trained and a graduate of over 10 years experience, as of late have been involved in projects that promote Strategy and Innovation through Tradition and Imagination:

  • Spearheading a multinational group’s online presence.
  • Enabling complex Internet/Intranet services.
  • Coordinated and assisted in the deployment of over a dozen company related websites.
  • Directed the branding and created the images in over 50 mixed media commercial and private projects.
  • Part developer and patent holder of an elegantly disruptive proxy eCommerce framework.

I was a student at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC as well as The University of Navarra in Spain, I have been involved in the Washington D.C. area and South Florida community for over two decades working alongside top talent in the Visual Arts and Communication fields.

From the beginning of 2009 through today I have enabled complex Internet/Intranet services, as well as designed and deployed over a dozen CMS websites.

I display strong and well founded skills using professional grade graphic software such as Adobe’s graphic suite and possess extensive knowledge of content management systems such as Joomla!, peppered along with PHP and MySQL exposure.

I thrive on customer satisfaction, and enjoy helping those around me reach their goals.

Deadlines, time-crunches, last minute requests, are all part of this angler’s routine. I am experienced in dealing with clients from all walks of life, and from a myriad cultures.

Please be aware: I do not shy away from much.

Additional Knowledge

Languages: Fully bilingual in English/Spanish reading and writing.
eCommerce: Developer of disruptive eCommerce technology.
Innovator: Award winning presentation delivery.
Parent: Father of three.

More information available on Linkedin: View Pablo’s profile