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There are certain tasks that call the professional attention with such tenacity some might consider them obsessions. Obsessions could be dangerous, and on the other hand, demonstrate a keen attention to detail. Abuse could be an obsession that is out of control. Never is abuse not dangerous. Design is a task. It organizes information. Design is a task that lays out the base and blueprint of what, where, and how we live our presence. It is natural to therefore assert that a designer is a fundamental, more so critical cog in the equation of life.

While everyone else is churning out abundant amounts of data, designers are using design to steer and flow that data into, towards, or upon the appropriate audience.

I am a professional Graphic Designer that has been using Adobe Photoshop for over two decades. I use Photoshop on a daily basis in print, motion, and web. Because of this, I am able to guide you using real-world exercises. I also use Adobe Illustrator, and have been doing so since before it was from Adobe.

I have produced from large format architectural communication all the way to 1″ round stickers. I have assisted C-level Executives as well as Elementary grade students. Being fully bilingual has allowed me to do so in English as well as in Spanish.

Reliable, patient, and committed to your success.

In addition, I can help you with other software such as:

– Microsoft PowerPoint
– Joomla! CMS
– Web, Print Design, and Document Portability

Let me be the one who helps you get to your goals.