I recently became interested in the word when I witnessed Vishen Lakhiani express it on stage at one of his talks in Finland. The way he employed it was with extreme esteem and superior regard. A sense of joy as the word “HACKER” was pronounced.

At some point in my life, that word lost its luster. Its true meaning was forgotten, trampled into mediocrity, by the misused definition: “noun 1. a person or thing that hacks.” Because HACK is something considered mediocre. half-ass. of common value, but as CHOK states: “A hacker is not a hack.” and instead is to be someone from an elite group of individuals recognized by their pears as genius that use intuitive methodology to solve problems that may appear insurmountable.

For many moons I thought I was a hacker. Right? After all, a hacker is “one who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming or circumventing limitations“. Disruptive, yet on target. Why? How? Why?

I am that,  The Swiss army knife of tools I am. Multi-talented, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-capable. Yet, as the Swiss army knife of tools, have been left on the sidelines as a novelty item to be remembered or simply not capable enough when compared to iPhone versatility. Within lies the beauty of the equation, however. For the fundamental base of knowledge is solid. Tried and True, a Hacker.

So if Hackers are to be remembered as a novelty, I just stumbled(?) upon the Flagship of Hackers, and his message is precisely and properly aligned with the fundamental awakening I am currently experiencing.

To be continued…