Hello April. We have not had the good fortune of meeting yet, I have met your charming husband, however.

I fell in love. He is a well lived individual and for sure having a good time doing so. He talked about you. We. We talked about you. Talk about multi-colored child. What a fantastic opportunity to grow up the way you have. Sure there were rough times and challenges such as every girl has, yet what you did or received for sure has given you resilience and experience, I’m certain to be a very resourceful person.

We also talked about your faith. I remarked that I need some more of that in my life. Heck we all do. These are convoluted times and I could use some help with my prayers… as of late I only call on God when I am having sex 😉 Maybe I should increase my faith and have more sex. Sex. sex. sex… speaking of…

I really want to meet you and I have a complete scenario set up on how I want to meet you. You see April. Beautiful April, I confessed to Shawn my situation, on how I had my intimate friends, mainly older or around my age whom enjoyed juicy carnal romps in the sac and were retired or just had more free time. Also, hot damn who understands your mechanisms? These ladies friends of mine (some part of couples) were horny fucks. Wait… wait… I just realized something, maybe it’s me that can’t keep up. Naw seriously they were everhorny. Soooo, after some serious tragedy, I have ended up in my life preserver location that offered me some immediate facilities to reorganize and adjust to a new way of life. I’m ever grateful to Shawn since he graciously met up with me and even though we are on the edge of geographically convenient, and other factors such as hosting, work schedules, top secret clearance, etc… We agreed that creativity is going to be a major player in our adult games. So hear me out sexy April this is how I think we should meet: You and Shawn want to play so you hop in the back of my car. I told Shawn I drive Uber Black and the car I got is nice and I keep it spick and span like new and the only bare butt ever on it has been mine ’cause I wanted to see how fucking nice it felt. So anyways, I digress… You are in the back seat with or without your mucho macho man (that will be determined by how you want to roll with this), Some drinks, some erotic bass driving erotic tunes, hate shades up on all the windows. Our own space riding through the city lights at night, pedestrian lined streets during the day. Getting groovy, quizzing our desires and enjoyments from each other. What do you like (I know you like Jamaica. Shawn spilled those beens). Ooooooh our destination. An adult toy store. I’ll be honest, I need a new cock ring and I hate going to places by myself, but if you two are there then my courage will be inflated. What souvenir will you be getting? Will you be trying on some lingerie? I know I’d get a kick watching you. Once we are out we can then head home. On the way you could put on a show maybe even stain my seats with your cum.

Señora April, I heard Shawn has a four day weekend and heck I have the hots for you just knowing you are Filipina. I told Shawn about my super hot friend Edna. Jeebus you Pinoy ladies enjoy your fucks for sure. So he also mentioned as I said before about your faith. Please understand with your titties, I’d follow you to Satan’s lair, but that would not be fair to Shawn, so in order to avoid jeopardizing our souls in the first encounter this little pervert and out of the ordinary meet and greet suggestion would allow us to get really down and raunchy without having physical contact. Of course we could also go a very different route and get ourselves a mini fuck-fest by the side of the road if that is what the misses would decide she wants. If you’d prefer something less drawn out and leave all the fru-fru out, i’m sure it could be arranged but I think the other option is more fun, and daring, and nasty, and yummy. Heck I can imagine you already half naked spreading. lol. Thanks for your patience with me. Im a dirty old fuck that has some misconfigured filters in my speech. So this whole ordeal could end up taking three hours at the most. It could take less or we could also factor in time for other things along the way. If committing to it I would need to save the day for you. Anyways, tomorrow is Sunday and I told my brother I’d go to Mass with him so I’ll say night night. Mr. Shawn has my phone number and we can send each other nuddies. Sleep tight.